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We recognize that the loss of a loved one is an emotional and difficult experience. We determine how we might assist you during this time by conducting an initial interview to check for conflicts of interest and determine your needs. Generally, using all of our experiences, we are available to assist you with funeral arrangement, obituaries, and even locating and obtaining access to safe deposit boxes, making life insurance claims, and obtaining access to bank accounts to meet family needs.

Our experience in this area enables us to quickly determine the proper probate procedure to assist you during this difficult time. After an initial interview and prior to filing any papers with the probate or county court, we examine the Last Will and Testament of the decedent as well as any other documents and records that you may have available. In the course of our interview with you, and after examining the Will, we will make several important determinations about the procedure to be employed in properly handling the Estate.

Determinations of the proper probate procedure can be important. Fortunately, in Texas, several low cost options are available to settle an estate and the more complex proceedings may be terminated when a need no longer exists for such a procedure. The general process for probate in Texas is simple and in context to the size of any certain estate is not costly.

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